Toolkit what you are capable of:


Re.Imagine a different future takes courage, creativity and a disruption of your status quo. It is a transition, a process that can help you rediscover your fascinations and incorporate this knowledge into your life.

Re.Focus your goals and approaches to create a refined path forward. Individuals who are still relevant and remarkable can add possibilities and action into their life and their career.

Re.Boot into your re.imagined future and build healthy support networks to sustainability. You need to take action, even small deliberate steps everyday in order to shift your paradigm from what was to your next what. There is magic in all of the little decisions of life.



I’m Not Done Yet is a coaching, consulting and advisory firm that works with individuals and teams in transition:

Individual and Small Group Coaching Circles – The firm designs and delivers impactful action focused coaching sessions to leverage one’s creativity, insights, skills and personal knowledge. The intention is to teach and empower the individual(s) to thrive through their personal and/or professional transitions. Topics of discussion may include: ♦Aligning one’s values, passions, skills and individual requirements ♦Thriving through change and transitions ♦Redefining your professional & personal brand to promote distinction and results ♦Developing SMART objectives to achieve results; and ♦Supporting effective communication to reinforce your authentic and intentional communication style

Learning and Knowledge – The intention of all of the learning events is to provide pragmatic programming. Whether the learning event takes the form of a workshop, seminar, collaborative conversation or speaking engagement,  the audience will receive relevant and practical information and tools to refresh the individual’s capability and capacity to thrive through change and transition. All content is customized to the client’s requirements. The firm’s learning framework includes offerings in these three areas: ♦Growth and Development ♦Health and Wellness and ♦Change and Inclusion

 Popular Workshop Topics

Organizational Consulting – The firm provides consulting in the areas of: ♦Workplace Change Leadership – Engage employees to achieve business outcomes and results; ♦Employee Affinity/Resource Groups – Develop and/or refine the organization’s employee resource/affinity groups to leverage skills, talents and interests to promote retention and engagement; ♦Meeting Facilitation – Design and facilitate practical, relevant and interactive content to foster engagement, creativity and action; ♦Age-Friendly Workforce – Strategy and policy development to build, promote and foster employee engagement, retention and recruitment