“Sharon has a natural ability to quickly recognize and diagnose areas that may be contributing to either a team or individual challenges. Her follow up with our leadership team also helped us avoid potential pitfalls and continue to move things in a positive direction with this team.” GE Healthcare

“Sharon presented Rethinking Your Retirement and Aging at our recent ‘Life After DHG – A Partner Encore’ offsite and she did a beautiful job. Her mastery of the subject coupled with her presentation style was a great fit with our group of 25 soon-to-retire firm partners. I highly recommend her.” – Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
“Sharon knows how to command attention while, at the same time, encouraging discussion. She is quick to laugh and makes people feel comfortable. Her degree in psychology is a bonus when it comes to working with individuals and/or groups. Sharon shines in situations in which varied opinions need to be heard, people need to feel encouraged, and actionable items are the goals.”UNC Charlotte
“I worked with Sharon to help refine my authentic leadership style and own my qualities as a CEO.  As an expert listener and coach, Sharon gave me thought-provoking assignments to complete as we walked through my journey. She helped me to identify, discern and eliminate some of my self -limiting beliefs. She held me accountable for each step.  Sharon is the consummate professional and I admire her strength, passion and tenacity. I would definitely work with her again and would highly recommend her practice.” Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council 
“Sharon’s role was to lead our team on a very, very difficult and politically charged project. She has great relationship skills and uses them to advance the project and stay in touch with the client on the pojrect. She has a great attitude and can rally people around a common goal. She gets the team to complete work on time and meet expectations of the client.” IBM
“I was struggling to move past a bad experience at work. I didn’t realize how much I was holding onto that experience and allowing it to significantly impact my happiness in my career. Sharon was instrumental in helping me move forward and breakdown self—imposed barriers that were preventing me from embracing my executive career. She helped me rediscover the confidence I had lost.” – Bank of NC